Put property files into ${basedir}/src/conf/properties directory. This directory may be redefined, see properties. Files must have .property as file extension.

maven.xml file

To filter webapp content during build add following code to your maven.xml file:

  <postGoal name='war:webapp'>
    <attainGoal name='ais-webapp:filter'/>
and run maven using
maven -Dais.webapp.destination=dest war
where dest represents configuration file, which should be used for processing. Note, that during processing .properties extension is added so don't define it yourself.

There's also possibility for custom goals for given destinations:

  <goal name='mybuild'>
    <property name='ais.webapp.destination' value='dest'/>
    <attainGoal name='war'/>

Global filters

There's a possibility to define user-wide filter, using ais.webapp.globalFilter property. Properties defined in given filter are used before properties defined at project level (through ais.webapp.destination property) so project level properties may override global properties.

So, for developement enviroment one may define some properties in global filter and do not define them at user application specific property file. But define them in property files for other (test, production) environments. Then, during user build global properties will be used and during other builds, their own properties will be used.

A good example of such properties is a location of system commands, or directory names.