Mapping plugin Settings

ais.mapping.generatorsYesComma-separated List of generators that should be used, see Goals for list of generators.
ais.mapping.structureNoPath to structure file, default to ${basedir}/ddl/structure.xml.
ais.mapping.packageNoBase package name for generated classes, default to ${pom.package}.
ais.mapping.destinationNoRoot directory for generated source code. Subdirectories (according to package name) will be generated. Default to ${}.
ais.mapping.objectsNoName of subpackage for generated bean classes, default to objects.
ais.mapping.databaseNoName of main database class, default to ApplicationDatabase.
ais.mapping.handlers.dbNoName of subpackage for generated database handlers classes, default to dbhandlers.
ais.mapping.handlers.mapNoName of subpackage for generated map handlers classes, default to handlers.